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Homeless Shelters

Our long-term vision is to build a homeless shelter with effective services onsite.  Most people are not aware of these staggering stats but more than half of all unsheltered people in this country were in California (51%).  The disturbing fact is that these numbers could be heavily underestimated.  Unfortunately, it excludes some individuals who never interacted with homeless providers and doesn’t include survivors of domestic violence who choose to omit their information for safety purposes.  Almost 30% of the homeless population is comprised of veterans.  Most veterans experiencing homelessness are over age 50, and often have significant disabilities and medical conditions that are exacerbated by their housing situations.  The D.I.V.E. Opportunity team will be competent in Participant Empowerment, Community Networking and Advocacy so we can offer the following services to our clients:

Mental Health Assessments & Care

Health & Wellness Classes

Diet & Nutrition Information

Meditation & Anxiety Reduction Tools

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Career Planning & Resume Building

Independent Living Skills

Adult Day Care

We also plan to establish Adult Day Care for our elderly and disabled community members.  We want to come to the aid of our adults and elderly who suffer from mental health challenges.  We will rely heavily on our mental health professionals to create specific programs that cater to the challenges of each client.  By providing them with a stable and committed connection with a supportive team; this will create an outcome that far exceeds our expectations.

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We have done the research and have a great understanding of the facts, data and statistics regarding the populations we plan to serve.  Once we secure the additional funding necessary to move forward, we plan to bring our vision into fruition by maintaining our commitment to improving the overall quality of life for our underserved community members!