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About Us

What We Do

D.I.V.E Not only provide housing but it is very important to us to provide our residents with independent living skills, job skills and a variety of special services to meet their needs. The facility and staff share the same core values, work ethic and dedication to child care. We want to help them create short and long term goals that are achievable and more importantly provide encouragement and the proper environment to reach these goals. D.I.V.E Opportunity Homes are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality care and services to the children whether they are a short term or longer term placement.

D.I.V.E Goal

DIVE Opportunity Homes’ ultimate goal is to prepare the resident to reunite with their family/guardian or to emancipate the resident from our program and be confident they are capable of independent living, entering the job force, or starting college and having AB12 placement secured. Here at DIVE Opportunity Homes we are deeply committed to go beyond the call of duty to help the resident achieve success, stay motivated, and receive the tools and knowledge necessary to meet or exceed their personal expectations. Our goal is to help them take their first step to making better decisions, reintegrating into the community and creating successful members of society.

Board Of Directors

Dana M. Maxie

Director of Compliance

Roger Whitenhill

Director of Finance

Dr. Alina C. Whitmore

Director of Mental Health

Dion Hudson

Director of Health & Wellness

Eric Ashby

Director of Public Relations

Tiffany DuBois

Director of Development